Summary of services

  • Business Sales consultancy
    • Generating sales at the sharp end
  • Product Designs Incorporate
    • Tooling and Components
    • Injection Moulding
    • Vacuum Forming
    • Extruded Profiles
    • Rotational Moulding
    • Tool
  • Design to Manufacture
  • Full Project Management



MB Technical supply a full design to manufacture with complete project management service.

Designing products to be manufactured and toolable from the outset saves a huge amount of time not to mention the savings to development costs. Including the toolmaking aspect of our business makes us unique in so many ways.

We also offer to design your own tools on your designed product as we are then able to supply the correct solution with the benefit of many years of analytical experience in whatever sector of manufacture. Predominant example areas also include:

  • Plastic Vacuum Forming, Injection Moulding, Extrusion
  • Timber and Metal Fabrication design and supply sourcing services.
  • Masterbatch colours with designed additives
  • Business Sales Consultancy for hands on CRM solutions to business growth.

MBT boast 30 years’ experience in Sales and Manufacturing with example sectors including automotive, leisure, furniture, electrical, cycling, cosmetics, heating and ventilation, packaging and transit packaging bespoke solutions.

We bring this experience along with the comfort factor to clients with hands on practical support of virgin and recycled materials, new master batch additives for cycle time and barrel temperature reduction and their implications toward applications including thermal, metal replacement, soft touch, FR and UV stabilization in product and tooling manufacture.

Sales & Marketing B2B consultancy also encompasses:
  • New business generation:
  • Total plastic solutions:
  • Full project managment:
  • CAD design:
  • Scientific analysis:
  • Vacuum Formed component design:
  • Prototyping:
  • Tool making:
  • Prototype tooling:

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